“First, thanks very much for a most interesting and illuminating teaching on TFT. 
 I have had an enjoyable and challenging week exploring TFT.  Thank you for 
introducing me to this fascinating and important approach” … Phil – Clinical Psychologist.

Professional Practitioner  & Trainer Training in Cambridge with Robin Ellis

Robin Ellis trained with Dr. Roger Callahan PhD – Clinical Psychologist and the originator and founder of the Energy Psychology TFT – in 2000 and is one of the most experienced  TFT ‘Callahan Techniques’ Trainers and Practitioners in the U.K.

All the Initial TFT Levels of Training with Robin Ellis TFT UK are face-to-face.  On-line training does not guarantee the high standard required for proficient professional practice.

My aim is to train you to be a fully informed and confident TFT Practitioner to the high standard  of professional practice set by Dr Roger Callahan, as well as detailing and teaching on-going TFT developments, and its advanced usage to resolve complex emotional problems.

My Seminars are limited to six trainees  –  because I know the importance of giving individual support to every participant, allowing the time necessary for thorough practise and to discuss fully all questions.

“Thank you so much for your wonderful exposition of TFT.  I have been using TFT with clients and colleagues and have some very interesting and successful results” … Gavin – Neuropsychologist.

Algorithm Level

This level of training is the essential initial training needed by all practitioners who want to be authorised as fully professional in their practice of TFT.  The Two-Day Seminar is run to the high standards of the original “Callahan Techniques” TFT Training.

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Mentoring Programme

The valuable post training support which will establish your success as a TFT practitioner of the highest standard.

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Diagnosis Level

The Two-Day Diagnosis Training teaches you how to treat and resolve complex emotional problems – and negate the effect of Individual Toxins to the body’s energy system.  It is run to the professional high standard of Callahan Techniques TFT.  Previous training to the Algorithm Level, plus the submission of 3 cases studies, is required to qualify for training to this Diagnostic Level of TFT.

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Trainer Training

One-to-One Training to the original professional trainer standards of the “Callahan Techniques” TFT.  To qualify it is essential that you have been trained to both the Algorithm and Diagnostic Levels and have been in practice for a minimum of 1 year.
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Member of the British Complementary Medical AssociationRobin Ellis – Member of the British Complementary Medical Association
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