“Your case study assessments were concise and valuable” … Russell - Psychologist

Your vital, post-training support needed to ensure your success as a professional TFT Practitioner.

The Thought Field Therapy Callahan Techniques Algorithm Training gives you the qualification you need to begin your TFT Practice. Theory, protocol, method of treatment, initial practise. But – there are two missing necessities.
ONE: After your initial training the REAL training begins – experience.
Two: Personal mentoring and – on-going support.

The Mentoring Support Programme supplies these vital missing essentials.

It will give you the professional support you need to gain confidence as you practice and experience the very different cases presented to you by your clients. It will keep you in contact with TFT and current developments – and on-going supportive contact with myself and other trainees.

The Programme runs for 3 months and you will be entitled to:

  • Pre-booked ½ hour Sessions to contact me personally via phone, or e-mail, whenever you need to discuss a specific case, problem or subject.
  • In-depth Assessment of 3 Case Studies – an essential continuation of your initial training. Sent by e-mail, and then returned with assessed feedback from which you will gain more insight into both simple and complex problems, the important understanding of the Protocol and further ways to discover the “root cause.” (For past trainees joining the Mentoring Programme, further Case Studies will also be required for comparison with their practice development since submitting their initial 3 after-training studies.)
  • One-Day Refresher Workshop at Rumwood – maximum 8 participants. Beginning with individual focus for each person to present and ask questions about any particular experience/problem and then opening the discussion to the group. This will ensure that everyone gains greater understanding of TFT and the ability to practice successfully as a professional.
  • A Copy of my Book – “Thought Field Therapy – The Definitive Guide for Successful Practice.” This is the “must have” guide for all TFT Practitioners. It gives a clear path of application, troubleshooting and practice guidelines.

My aim is to give you valuable post-training support which will establish your success as a professional TFT practitioner of the highest standing.

Fee: £65.00 a month – for 3 months.


Contact me – 01223 892596 OR robinellis@thoughtfield.co.uk – to book your starting date and assess your experience.
On acceptance and agreement – set up the £65.00 monthly payments for 3 months by Direct Debit or Standing Order.
Book your Review Seminar – the next available date.
Present 3 Case Studies – for in-depth assessment and feedback sent by e-mail.
A copy of my book will be sent to you.

Group Refresher Workshops – 2015.  Sundays:  February 15  –  May 10  –  July 5  –  October 4 
Available for ALL TFT Practitioners – £75.00  SEE: TFT News Page for Full Details.

The Mentoring Programme is also of value for:

1.   Trainees who realise that they may not have received the high level of professional training delivered via the original, authorised Callahan Techniques Algorithm Training.

2.   Practitioners who are experienced and very capable within other important psychotherapy techniques but are not yet fully confident in their use of TFT. So they tend not to use it, becoming less sure of their TFT ability with the result that they never use it! Students of TFT have told me of their experience in this regard. What they know they need, and want, is the on-going individual and group support available via mentoring.

In all cases the Mentoring Programme is a valuable resource giving you the further one-to-one training necessary to become a completely confident and professional practitioner.

All Mentoring contributes to Continual Professional Development.

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