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TFT Will resolve your Fear

 SEE THIS - Successful TFT Clinical Study in Norway – Here’s the Link


It demonstrates the success of TFT to resolve Anxiety – with a long-term enduring effect.


AND – A Practitioner Testimonial:

“TFT is working so well on grieving people – it’s often a God Send.” … Aurelie – Rugby

Aurelie helps to resolve the emotional distress and trauma experienced by abused women.

aurelie@e-motional.org  www.e-motional.org


Are you a Reiki Practitioner?

With TFT at your finger-tips it is possible to increase your ability to support and heal 100%

REIKI & TFT – A Powerful 2-Point Treatment. In TFT Treatment it is the questioning skill of the practitioner that enables discovery of the ‘root cause.’ During Reiki Healing it is when the practitioner lays their hands over a specific point of the client’s body that can immediately bring the distressing ‘root cause’ to the surface. In both cases the root cause may be a deep core issue that is a forgotten, or hidden,distressing memory.  One that can be the result of fear and trauma experienced years ago – in childhood or early adulthood.  In some cases it is possible that it may have been carried over from a past life. What happens later in life is that ‘similar’ situations can trigger the re-call to memory of the past trauma which then activates the same distressing emotion that was originally experienced. Over time these on-going episodes can build – layer on layer – and ultimately become what is thought to the current distressing emotion – the ‘presenting problem.’  The actual root cause has been either suppressed, buried – or forgotten by the memory. “I want to write and thank you for a wonderful day last Friday.  The effects of it are still with me and I new feel very calm and centred.  I find I can still hurry to do things, but don’t have the ‘wound up like a spring’ feeling that has accompanied me in the past.  It has even affected my appetite in that I’m NOT experiencing the high and love mood swings and so my appetite is normal and I’m avoiding sweet binges - I feel a new, and better, woman ….. Wendy. This lady was actually suffering the effects of a currently known and persistent ‘inner’ anger caused by the ‘forgotten’ trauma of the death soon after birth of her first child – 15 years before.  It was when I placed my hands over her Solar Plexus Chakra that the suppressed memory was suddenly released – and the root cause of her anger was revealed. I was able to treat her – immediately – with TFT and then continue with Reiki Healing – and she then experienced a deep, inner calm and peace – the long held distress and trauma had gone. Mary Ellis – Reiki Practitioner & Teacher.  www.reikiteaching.co.ukmaryellis@reikiteaching.co.uk

Train to TFT Algorithm Level and you will have this valuable addition to add to your current Reiki Practice. – SEE: TFT Training Page.

Mary and Robin Ellis offer this Powerful 2-Point Treatment at Rumwood Therapy Centre – SEE: TFT Treatment Page  



Sunday – 26th June 2016: 10 am to 5 pm

Top up your Tapping Skills – Be even more Successsful

OPEN FORUM - Individual focus, discussion and group support for each practitioner’s Case Study.

 Lunch – On the House

AFTERNOON SESSIONReviewing Treatments:  Trauma & PTSD:  Addictions & OCD:  Finding the ‘root cause’ – distinguishing it from the presenting problem.

Refresher Workshops keep you at the top of your ability.

They give you vital post-training support to maintain your successs as a Professional TFT Practitioner.

The Workshop gives you 6 hours of CPD

Venue:  Rumwood Therapy Centre – Horseheath – Cambridge CB21 4QX

PRICE – £75.00

Deposit £50.00 payable PayPal – OR – BACS – see my web: www.thoughtfield.co.uk

Also – Refresher Workshop on Sunday – 1st October

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SEE: Page 33: “TFT – The Definitive Guide for Successful Practice”  available as an e-book from Amazon.

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