“I feel very calm and centred. I’m not  experiencing high and low 
mood swings so am eating normally, avoiding sweet binges. 
I feel a new and better woman” … Wendy

Help with Grief, Bereavement and Trauma

54 Year Old Woman

“The memory of my daughter’s suicide was stuck right inside my head like a video going round and round – it never stopped.  Now it’s gone.  It’s moved three feet outside my head.  I can look at it if I want – but it doesn’t hurt me at all.”

Initially this woman presented with a Phobia of greens!  Within seconds of starting to treat her she suddenly burst into tears and it was obvious that she was suffering from a very deep grief and trauma.

I immediately treated her trauma with TFT and within minutes her distress had passed and she was calm.  Then clearly and without any emotion she said that at the moment she was not ready to talk about the cause of her suffering.

She was receiving a Day’s Healing Retreat so it was later that she wanted to tell us the real reason for needing TFT treatment.  During the coming week she was facing the First Anniversary of her Daughter’s Suicide and her continuing grief and trauma had been causing her ever increasing distress as the actual date approached.  Now, after the TFT treatment for trauma, she was completely calm and relaxed as she explained this, adding without any upset whatsoever, “Of course, the worst moment of all was when the police came to tell me.”

She left still somewhat concerned as to what would happen and how she would feel on the actual anniversary day.  But two days later she rang to relate that she’d had an almost happy day remembering the many happy times she had shared with her daughter and even now felt they were – “walking and talking together hand in hand.”

TFT’s ability to resolve these deeply distressing problems rapidly is unique.  It is not necessary for the person to talk about the problem, this only makes it worse.  All that is necessary is to just think about it which this poor woman was doing automatically, and it was continuous.  As she described it – “like a video going round and round in my head – it never stopped.”  After a year of suffering this great distress within just a few minutes of treatment her upset had gone!

The treatment also shows how people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD – as she was here, do not remember the terrible past experience but rather are re-playing it continuously in their minds as if the whole moment of trauma and shock was still happening now, again and again.  In severe cases this process can make it impossible to lead a normal life.

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