“Thank you for being such a wonderful TFT Trainer” … Dzeko

Robin Ellis is one of the most experienced Thought Field Therapy Trainers and Practitioners in the UK with over 15 years of extensive practice.

Trained in 1998, together with his partner Reiki Master Mary Ellis, Robin was in at the start of TFT’s development in the UK, being one of the five participants attending Ian Graham’s first TFT UK Training.  Following training as a Diagnosis Practitioner, and as a Trainer, by Dr. Roger Callahan PhD in 2000 he has participated to a great extent in the expansion of this revoluntionary Energy Psychology as it has developed both in the UK and in Europe.

Now, as an experienced practitioner he has definitive proof of TFT’s ability to resolve a wide spectrum of emotional stress and distress.

TFT treatment can resolve the distress of simple, but still greatly disruptive, Phobias.  The devasting emotional pain of both past and on-going Traumas – and the totally destructive consequences of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD.   It also has the ability to resolve Addictions and Obsessive Behaviour, after the initial treatment followed by the client’s commitment to the specfic, simple and effective self-treatment over a period of 3 weeks.  And it is of great value as a therapy that can be taught to clients as a self-treatment to use as personal, on-going support during times of continuing crises, illness and trauma.

“The memory of my daughter’s suicide was stuck right inside my head – like a video going round and round – it NEVER stopped.  Now it’s GONE – it’s moved 3 feet outside my head!  I can look at it if I want to – but it doesn’t hurt me at all” … Karen.

“Many, many thanks – I’ve been self-treating for a week and now I no loner need to keep washing my hands constantly.  ALL the old issues of having to check everything are no longer a problem.  I’m happy to ‘talk’ about them and there is no upset!  I’m so happy with the outcome of your treatment – I would have travelled to the moon and back to get rid of my obsessions” … Surinder.

“Thought Field therapy has been an absolute life-saver during my present time of on-going stress, anxiety and frustration.  Thank you so much” … Janet.

Robin is now actively training a wide range of both Orthodox and Complementary Consultants and Practitioners.  All find that TFT is a consistently valuable addition to their current practice. 

His extensive experience both as a trainer and practitioner, together with being the author of “Thought Field Therapy – The Definitive Guide for Successful Practice” - a MUST for every TFT Practitioner – gives him the edge to train trainees to the original high level of professional qualification delivered by Dr. Callahan when TFT first hit the headlines.  This is the thorough and professional training which is required by all practitioners who want to be able to deliver TFT treatment both efficiently and successfully.

“TFT fits in amazingly with my counselling and allows me to work more effectively with complex cases.  Thank you for a remarkable weekend” … Helen – Counsellor.

“Thank you so much for your wonderful exposition of TFT.  I’ve been using TFT with clients and colleagues and have had some very interesting and successful results” … Gavin – Neuropsychologist. 

“I use TFT with such great results – children and grown-ups alike.  Recently a young boy who has been anxious, desperate and depressed about everything in life.  It is amazing how it works on mental/emotional/physical issues – just amazing” … Valla – TFT Practitioner.  

TFT is the original “tapping” technique and is considered to be one of the post powerful of the energy psychologies now in practice.

Robin was educated at City of London School and his business background began as Management Trainee with the Reed Papermaking Group, folllowed by eight years as a Sales Executive with three further companies.  In 1969, due to company take-over, he was made redundant which gave him the opportunity to start his own business -The Design and Manufacture of Objet D’art in Wood – which he ran successfully for 30 years designing items specfically created for many of the top retail outlets in the UK.  This led to his being invited to join the Livery of the Worshipful Company of Turners and then appointed as Assessor of Professional Turners.

In 1992 Robin and Mary made the life-changing decision to train and then practice as Complementary Therapists.

Robin first studied and trained to be a Yoga Thai Healing Massseur and Mary began her training to be a Reiki Healing Practitioner and Master.  In 1994 they took the challenging step of opening their home – Rumwood, a place of peace and positivity set amid the calming and invogorating South Cambridgeshire countryside – as a Residential Healing Retreat Centre.  For 12 years, working as a team, they treated stressed an exhausted people with supportive treatments, as well as giving them time to “stop – and just be” for a while.  They ran many Workshops and Training Weekends for a variety of complementary practitioners and trainers before reaching the point of becoming authorised, professional trainers and teachers of TFT and Reiki.

“A great big thank you for your special care during my retreat – you have both helped me in my progress along “The Road Less Travelled” …Wayne.

“I personally feel great since my visit to you.  I am generally more confident and positive and I can truly say that it was the most relaxing day of my life” … Michel.

“Thank you both for a most harmonious and nourishing day from which I certainly have gained an increased sense of energy and well-being.  It was ‘a day of light’ coming to your lovely home and situation and being made welcome – and well fed!” … Rowena.

Robin’s years of experience as a TFT Practitioner and Trainer, and Mary’s as a Reiki Master and Teacher, has given them both considerable insight and understanding of the human psyche, enabling them to be able to support and help heal those who suffer episodes of emotional distress, burnout and pain during their lives.  People who are in need of patient, positive care and understanding.

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Member of the British Complementary Medical AssociationRobin Ellis – Member of the British Complementary Medical Association
Member of the Association of Energy Therapists : Member of NHS Directory CAMMember of the Association of Energy Therapists : Member of NHS Directory CAM