TFT treatment with Robin Ellis has the potential to change your life
Robin Ellis

Robin Ellis


TFT Treatment is completely non-invasive and drug-free. There are no needles involved and you do not have to talk at length about your difficulties.

While thinking of your problem you are asked to tap gently on specific points on your face, hands and upper body. You are not asked to remove any clothing.

TFT is completely pain-free.
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TFT with Robin Ellis can resolve

  • Anxieties, fears and phobias
  • Traumas and PTSD
  • Addictions and obsessive habits
  • Stress and panic attacks
  • Bereavement, grief and anguish,
    guilt, anger and rage
  • Lack of self-worth, chronic pain
  • And many other problems.

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Algorithm Level   This is the initial and essential training for all TFT Practitioners both orthodox and complementary. The training is run to the professional standards authorised by the ”Callahan Techniques,” California.

Diagnosis Level   Advanced level of practice to resolve complex cases and diagnosis and treat Energy Toxins.

Trainer Training   Training to the original professional standards of the “Callahan Techniques” TFT.
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The British Thought Field Therapy AssociationRobin Ellis – Founder Member of The British Thought Field Association. Member of the NHS Directory CAM